Implementing Social Workflows within Global HR at Bouygues


Bouygues Construction is a global player in construction and services. Active in 80 countries, their teams design, build and operate buildings and structures which improve the quality of the living and working environment of their users.


As a global player in construction and services, Bouygues Construction designs, builds and operates public and private buildings, transport infrastructures, energy and communications networks. A leader in sustainable construction, the Group active in 80 countries and its 53,500 employees have a longterm commitment to helping their customers shape a better life.
The HR function of Bouygues Construction operates across the entire organisation and its mission is to ensure the greatest possible proximity to the employees and their demands; enabling users to work and collaborate across global & mobile, developing skills throughout the entire value chain, both upstream and downstream and make, not only construction sustainable, but knowledge too.


“Shaping better life using Innovation”: Bouygues’ main claim has been used to formulate the new HR strategy.
The need to support a more social workflow that meets future needs and create a deep impact along with adapting to the new digital tools was paramount. The main scope of “HOME” was addressing the most critical components of the HR function: communication with employees and business partners along with becoming the central collaboration platform where the content delivery takes place.

Launch & Benefits

The launch of HOME has been carefully planned and orchestrated with 3 skilfully crafted “teaser” video pushed to the users each week. The scenarios illustrated day to day issues and how to solve them with the new platform; this created anticipation and discussion. The key to the success of HOME was in being very specific about how the employees use it; its ergonomics and friendly design made the rest.

“Elium was victime of its own success at Bouygues Construction; due to its appealing design, getting our colleagues in the HR Department onboard was an easy task”
– Laurent Mouty, Knowledge Manager, Bouygues Construction

Whole document databases were imported on the platform over the course of 6 months; breathing new life into this specific knowledge. HOME offers a very structured environment, which covers the company need of bilinguisme. In the meantime, HOME has also been creating visibility on expertise and peer-to-peer recognition; attracting users, particularly around learning and development opportunities as well as becoming the go-to place for company policies.