Capgemini Invent strengthens collective intelligence


Capgemini Invent is the Global Strategy and Transformation Consulting brand of the Capgemini Group.

With the new digital economy creating significant disruptions and opportunities, Capgemini works with leading companies and governments to master digital transformation, drawing on their understanding of the digital economy and leadership in business transformation and organisational change.

The main reason behind the collaborative platform project was to contribute towards greater value creation for clients and consultants by strengthening the knowledge capitalisation and knowledge sharing capabilities. The tool was seen as means to support digital transformation and strengthen collective intelligence.

The knowledge sharing platform objectives

Platform Share of Capgemini Invent by Elium
Setting up a knowledge sharing platform aimed at: boosting productivity and addressing the day-to-day consultants’ requirements, focusing on premium assets (training material, proposal, best practices, methodologies and tools), providing easier access to offerings and identifying and connecting in an easy manner with sectorial or functional “experts”, from consultants to VPs.
All consultants and all functions (total +1’200 users) have access to the platform. On it, there are three types of spaces:

  • My Ressources is the group database containing studies, research papers, proposals & credentials, HR processes, tools & methodologies
  • My Entities has a space per entity (banking, operational experience) to allow a better communication within each group
  • My Projects contains all open spaces when starting a new project. Once the project is over, the spaces are closed.

The collaborative platform currently contains 15'000 documents. The vast majority of the files are analysis, benchmarks and presentation used in day-to-day operations along with press articles useful for specific projects. Also, the tool is used to search information, look for partners for events, get project updates and for internal communication within entities.

Launch & Benefits

The first meetings took place in May 2015. After several weeks of intense work, the structure was decided in June. The project team, composed of 2 senior consultants, was trained during summer and the platform launched in September 2015.

In 12 months, the teams shared as much content on the new Share platform as they did during the past 7 years!
Magali Frey, Digital Asset Manager at Capgemini Invent

The success of the collaborative platform project is linked to several factors. First, the young and motivated junior consultants were coached intensely. Second, consultants now have knowledge sharing as an objective in their evaluation. Third, there is a dedicated knowledge management team.

The benefits for the organisation are a more collaborative approach with a focus over quality versus quantity. The formerly centralised knowledge management is moving towards a distributed one.

Cover David Bertho, creative commons