Idelux-Aive, reshare award winner


For the 2017 Knowledge Tour edition, Elium invited its French region customers to take part in a contest about their entreprise collaborative projects. Idelux-Aive is this edition's final winner.

IDELUX - AIVE Group aims to guarantee its citizens well-being though environmental management and socio-economic development in Luxembourg Province 44 municipalities. Twitter
IDELUX-AIVE Group activities are focused on the following areas: carrying out public projects on behalf of municipalities, preserving water, managing waste, financing companies, and supporting the economic dynamism of Belgian Luxembourg.
The initial challenge of the collaborative platform implementation project was to replace the aging intranet that no longer met evolving internal needs. The desire to go beyond a "dry" intranet replacement made it possible to put in place a modern collaboration solution, allowing usage evolution for the Group employees, including ideas and information sharing.
The platform implementation objectives are:

  • intranets replacement with a more ergonomic and interactive tool,
  • increased information sharing and market intelligence,
  • removing compartments within the organization,
  • decreasing the average time to access information,
  • the possibility for employees to share in real time.

All Group's employees (approximately 500 users) have access to the platform, including technical colleagues who do not have an email account. The Group's directors also use the platform to organize board meetings document exchanges.
Shared contents revolve around institutional and official information, new internal procedures, press articles, topical areas (biodiversity, smart cities, innovation, etc.), training content along with tips & tricks, events and photo galleries relevant to work processes. In addition, the organization of the Group's pleasant internal life, such as carpooling, classified ads and sports between colleagues, is also done on the platform.
Launch and benefits
The platform choice was made through a public tender on 1 July 2016. The first meeting took place in August and the tool was put into production in November 2016 after 12 weeks of intense efforts.
Working in-depth on a communication plan for the launch paid off, notably thanks to a movie production announcing the platform arrival and gifting chocolates to all employees on launch day, encouraging them to connect and discover the new tool. All key users, facilitators and sponsors were trained. For end users, an online training space was created on the tool.
The project team collaborative spirit as well as its heterogeneity (IT, Quality, Comm, other operational services) enabled the success of the approach. The benefits for the organization go from extensive employees interaction on press review and "flash news" to answering a range of employees demands previously untreated, including biodiversity pictures on different sites and allowing workers to express themselves on a specific issue related to the Group and close to their heart.