Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last updated on May 3, 2019

What are the requirements for using Elium?

Elium is a cloud-based platform, so you just need an internet connection and a modern browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge). We support the two latest versions of these browsers and others are provided as best-effort. Our web app is responsive, but we also provide native mobile and tablet apps for the two latest versions of Android and iOS.

What is a user and how do you bill them?

All users are those who have signed up for an account or been invited to your platform. They can be internal (employees) or external guests to the organisation (guests, partners, customers). Admins can deactivate users at all times in the platform. Only active users are taken into account.

What are my payment options - credit card and/or invoicing?

Team and Corporate plans are paid by credit card. For our Enterprise plan, we provide direct invoicing. The providers we trust to support these billing processes are Chargebee and Stripe.

Can I try Elium for free?

Absolutely! We provide a free trial period at the end of which you may choose to subscribe to a paid subscription. Only then will you be asked to provide your billing details. You can stop at anytime if you are not satisfied with the service.

How secure is Elium? Is my data kept private and safe?

We are an independent and GDPR-compliant vendor established since 2008 in Belgium. Our whole infrastructure, customer data and their backups are entirely managed by our engineering teams and exclusively hosted within highly secured ISO27001, SOC1/2/3, Tier-4 facilities in Europe. Our security and privacy policies (including third parties we work with) can be reviewed here. For any potential concerns, you can reach out to

Which service level guarantees (SLA) do you provide?

For Enterprise plans, we commit to an SLA of 99.5% guaranteed platform uptime per month and a 24-hour support response time for critical incidents. Our availability logs since 2008 show a measured uptime beyond 99.95% and a less than 2-hour response time. For other plans and support requests, we commit to a best-effort service.

What is your fair use policy regarding data storage?

Within your Elium environment you can store documents and files of any format. To make sure that there is enough storage for all our customers and their users, we may limit the amount of data you can save depending on your type of contract and number of users. We’ve made sure that almost all customers have plenty of disk space when our solution are used normally (currently we book 500GB per platform). You can always request the actual size of your data storage from our service desk.

If we detect that your organization structurally saves more data than we consider to be fair and normal, we’ll contact you to discuss storage options. It’s possible to expand your storage and, if appropriate we will only charge a maximum of publicly available cloud storage charges of our hosting facilities plus 20%.

Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my plan at anytime?

As an admin, yes you can change or cancel your plan at any time from your billing settings. When you upgrade, you are charged the difference between the two plans. When ending a subscription, you may cancel as per Elium's with a notice period which varies depending on the chosen plan.

What happens to my data if i want to stop my subscription?

You have the ability to export content through Elium's API at any time. Once you subscribe to a paying plan, you can request through our support for an export of all your content and metadata in a standard format. When ending your trial period or ending a paid subscription, your data is then entirely deleted from our servers.

Do you apply non-profit or academic discounts?

Yes, we provide discounts for educational and non-profit organisations as we love supporting such initiatives. Get in touch with our team for specific conditions.

Do you provide an on-premise version of Elium?

No. We believe Software-as-a-Service is today's most efficient and reliable way for organisations to deploy business software whatever their size. Our SaaS offering allows you to start small, scale quickly and more importantly focus on what matters most: delivering business value to your users. We take care of the rest.

What is the difference between Corporate and Enterprise support?

Our Customer Success teams have built a decade of strong experience in successfully deploying Elium within medium and large organisations. Essentially our Corporate offering provides you with the onboarding essentials and basic support to make your deployment a success, while our Enterprise services will give you access to priority handling and advanced services often required in wider-scale deployments.