A whole team
dedicated to you

We’re dedicated to making your project a success and we’ll support your knowledge sharing journey every step of the way. We’re convinced that the relationship we build with our customers is what makes Elium so special, we don’t only help you by creating a tool, we also offer first class support, tailored to your needs.

Proven methodologies

Our FAST and ADOPT paths help get your platform on the road. Whichever you choose, you’ll have the support of your very own customer success coach to guide your journey with their experience and expertise.


We offer our FAST methodology for organisations that need rapid implementation of Elium. We are able to immediately react to your simple, defined needs and have the platform up and running in 8 weeks. This track is perfect for a simple project with a small team, with the drive to be autonomous and learn as you go.


Our ADOPT approach is more in-depth and offers a 360° approach, focusing on the strategic goals behind the project. We also offer support and guidance for change management, as well as how to communicate and launch the platform successfully. This track includes multiple in-person training workshops with initial users of the platform.

Complete learning center

Supportive online community

Our Sphere platform enables communication between all our customers and ourselves, to share best practices and offer support.

Personalised training sessions

We offer tailored courses and workshops, either within the methodology you choose, or on-demand as your needs evolve. Opt for direct training at your organisation or remote sessions with our dedicated Customer Success team.

Dedicated technical support team

From SSO to custom domain names, we can help with the technical aspects. We provide responsive support and can import data from previous databases or shared drives.

Regular Users Club

Our customers enjoy learning from each other about best practices, so we host regular events to spark a sense of belonging in our community.

The Elium user club is a great way for us to meet our peers and exchange useful tips and best practices, get insights and hear about successful initiatives from other companies using Elium that we could apply in our own organisation. The atmosphere is really positive and we feel like the Elium team is really caring about our feedbacks and challenges.

Marie Harauchamps, Internet Strategy Manager, In Extenso
Transparent roadmap